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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is essential and significant for Get Online Designer. We’ve developed this privacy policy document to proclaim the company’s practice in terms of collection of personal information and their use. We’re committed not to sell or rent your information to third parties. Any information provided by you becomes the essential part of the privacy policy. It’s further stated that Get Online Designer reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time with or without notifying you. It is highly recommended for the users to review Privacy Policy periodically.

Collection of Personal Information

The personal information of users is collected and stored by the company including name, address, postal address, contact details, credit and debit card information. All of the personal information is collected in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998.The company collectssuch information from the users by the submission of the form for registration on website, or via email alerts.

Use of Client’s Information

We are responsibly in dealing with your personal information and therefore use them when needed. The major useof your collected information are:

  • Scrutinizing clients’ registered account for information related to services like transactions, email alerts, promotional activities, and competition.
  • Response to questions asked by customers.
  • Information can be used for sending emails, newsletters, notifications regarding services, future prospects that might be of client’s interest.
  • Statistical reports for your reference about the users registered, and developments of marketing plans and strategies for future.
  • Third party agents like sub service providers, agents of the company can have the information of the clients.
  • All those individuals that have any sort of compliance with the company within the regulations legal proceedings and government policies.

The above-mentioned situations are covered under the policy of Get Online Designer. The company is bound to take all relevant steps to ensure the security of data with respect to the Privacy Policy. Therefore, when you share your personal information you show faith in our services in terms of security of information.

Security of Information

Get Online Designer protects your personal information collected during ordering or other process. To protect the security of information, we use secured database system, which is accessible by authorized person only.

Disclosure of Information

We don’t sell or rent your personal information to any third party sources for any purpose. Your personal information is shared with the person working on your project. Other non-authorized person is strictly prohibited to access the information. Thus, your privacy remains safe with us.  

Amendments in Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a legal document that is developed to secure collection of personal information of users and their usage. The major aspects of the privacy policy remains same but there can be new upgrades in services and offerings of the company.Therefore, company holds the authority to make relevant changes in the policy as required. The users should stay in touch and get informed from the updates on the website.